Our Author of the Month for July is the lovely, talented Kristina McBride. Her new novel – The Bakersfield Dozen, debuts July 17, 2017. If you are unfamiliar with this YA author’s heart-pounding, mysterious and romantic books, summer is the best time to become familiar with her work


What  drew you to writing?

When I was little, I lived across the street from a library. I spent so much time in that space, surrounded by books, and I clearly remember feeling awe when I thought about how each book contained a world of its own. I knew at a very young age that I had to be part of that, and have dreamed of seeing my name on the front cover of a novel ever since. All of that said, I owe my parents everything when it comes to my love of reading and writing. They gave me my first exposure and had a great deal to do with my love of words.

Which of the authors you have read has had the most effect or influence on your writing?

Stephen King. I started with CUJO when I was about ten and have never looked back. King can successfully write from just about any point of view and is capable of weaving the most intricate storylines. Most of all, he makes me feel deeply – whether it’s fear or sadness or a sense of accomplishment, I’m always right there alongside his characters, feeling whatever they’re feeling. To me, that is the most magical part of experiencing a story.

 What is your writing process?

Honestly, it changes some for each book. But I always have to know some important things before I begin writing a draft, so I spend quite a bit of time brainstorming upfront, figuring out who my characters are and what they most want, need, or desire. I’m a plotter, so the next step is to take a stack of note cards and jot notes for each chapter. Once I have this in place, I begin writing, usually straying from the notecards quite a bit. But I can’t skip that step—those notecards are like a road map, one that I can detour from whenever needed, but a guiding force that keeps me pointed in the right direction. After I have a full draft, I send to my agent for feedback, and then I settle in for a revision.


Just for fun:

Name a book you have read more than once. THIRTEEN REASONS WHY by Jay Asher. Oh, the love I have for that book!


Name your favorite comfort or reward food. Chocolate! And then some more chocolate!

Kristina McBride  — Young Adult Author

The Bakersville Dozen – Available July 2017

A Million Times Goodnight – Available Now

One Moment – Re-releasing January 2017

The Tension of Opposites – Available Now