What seemed like a far-away dream in Januray of 2016 is close to reality. In two days I will board a plane and head to the City of Lights, journey up the Seine and stand on the beaches where men like my father and father-in-law mounted one of the greatest offensives in history. I intend to cry, to honor the fallen with my tears and my thanks. Along the way, I will gather details like flowers, press them between the pages of my journal and, later, mount them in stories.  Thus, I kill two birds with one stone…personal adventure and professional venture…can a writer ask for more?

To satisfy my wanderlust, I am willing to travel wherever opportunity takes me, although I must admit a preference for places where outstanding cuisine is an important measure of the culture. 😉 In any case, I will leave behind my percolating manuscript, the seething rot of the current political administration and the urge to check my news feed for breaking information. When I return, God willing and the creek don’t rise, the manuscript will be ripe for revision, our Congress will discover its duty to the country and act appropriately and the myriad notifications on all my electronic devices will have managed to activate their self-destruct mechanism. (Nah, don’t think that’s going to happen.) In any case, this blog is unfinished, and will remain so until I return.

If you, too, are wandering, I wish you Bon voyage! Godspeed! and Happy Travels!