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Digging Myself Up


No way to sugarcoat this truth, for me personally, it’s been a shitty summer. Three rounds of antibiotics for various unusual infections followed by a Mohs procedure ( for skin cancer that ended up costing me most of my left nostril and resulted in complicated facial reconstruction, which is not over yet. If my last name were Scrooge, I’d scream Bah, humbug! The combination of these events entombed me in a very dark hole. I’ve been digging myself up ever since.

For a flaming romantic optimist, depression is like a gut punch, unexpected and breathtaking in a literal sense. I went into the surgery expecting a small skin graft and came out with a bandage […]

July 31st, 2022|contemplative, Essays, inspirational, motivational, philosophical|

July Blog: Sometimes I Just Want To Run Away…


What’s that old line about “the world being too much with us”? Sometimes the obstacles laid along the road create a wall too high to scale. Sometimes they force us to confront truths we would rather avoid. If you’re a little like me, maybe they cause you to contemplate, if only for a moment, running away, and summer provides the opportune moment to try a faux escape. After all, it’s July, summer’s highpoint in the northern hemisphere. In this month of heat, humidity, and firework fever, we do well to think about leaving it all behind. We’re not running away so much as running toward a better place.


What can be more satisfying than strolling white sand beaches, cooling your toes […]

June 30th, 2022|Essays|

It’s June…and Romance Is In The Air!


The absolute BEST prize for a writing contest is publication, and Central Ohio Fiction Writers have that.

Sharpen your ideas, flex your fingers, and start writing! And pass the word to all your writing friends!


May 31st, 2022|Essays|


Ukraine means ‘country.’

Whatever happened to ‘make love, not war’?

Where do we go when madness rules the earth?

And I think about the mothers…

There comes a time in every woman’s journey when she faces those two converging paths Frost wrote about…to be or not to be a mother. Instinct and societal norms provoke the desire. Individual goals and preferences incite the response. For me, the choice of family or career never arose, for I had selected a course that allowed for both. What I didn’t envision in my youthful daydreams was having trouble conceiving, nor did I ever see a future when I would bear a special-needs child, yet both of these paths became mine to walk. The reams of prayers I […]

May 10th, 2022|contemplative, emotive, Essays, inspirational|


Every year as March turns into April, I think about cleaning, and, sure, the house comes to mind. The dusting, scouring, airing, washing, and polishing remain secondary concerns to the tilling of the garden beds, the sowing of early crops like lettuce, spinach, and onions. My fingers literally itch to dig in. I find myself wandering from bed to bed, checking the new growth of perennials, pulling the pesky weeds already springing free of winter’s hold. But my thoughts wander beyond these chores to the spring cleaning of my writing life. What do I want to accomplish this year? How can I improve my writing and my outreach? Is there a way to gain new readers, to share the gift […]

March 31st, 2022|Essays|

How To Support A Writer

I’ve been writing essays for my blog From the Write Side for many years and have never had a guest article. However, recently I received the best newsletter from Michelle Halkett, Central Avenue Publishing, regarding how to support authors, and she very graciously gave me permission to reprint it here.


Dear Janet, 
Publishing books is a tough gig. It’s a roller coaster that spans the Everest-level highs of getting a bestseller to the Marianas Trench lows of variable cash flow […]
February 28th, 2022|Essays|
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