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November and Politics: Is it possible to do better?

November may be a dreary month, but I always feel energized by the essay opportunities it provides. After all, in the drabbest month, making a list of things to be grateful for lifts spirits.

There is also the voting thing, which has become fraught with dissension and shows no sign of shifting back to the middle ground. And I serve as a poll worker, so training, which is now obligatory for volunteers in Ohio, demonstrates that even in a non-partisan environment, tension reveals itself. Several people in my training group expressed concern about the automatic polling machines and what they reveal about each voter. The answer is NOTHING. The machines simply tally the votes. They do not identify the ballot caster […]

October 31st, 2022|Blog, Uncategorized|

The Writer’s Way

Every season has a rhythm, an underlying purpose that drives the land and we who inhabit it. Take a moment to think about the rhythms you bring to each change, the cleaning and organizing, the planning and preparations. Just as the land scours itself in spring and fall, so do I. Just this week I finished the grand reorganization of my library, alphabetizing all the books shoved on top of the existing volumes and culling from the shelves those that wish to migrate to other hands.

Some tomes are easy to part with. The handbook on MLA style for research papers has outlived its welcome. So, too, those stories that engaged me once but are unlikely to call me back for […]

September 30th, 2022|Blog, Essays|

September Blog: Time For A Hobbit Journey…

When the leaves begin to fall and the prairie turns brown and gold, I stare from the porch, unable to resist the urge to strap on a backpack and wander into the unknown. Amid the demands of life in the 21st Century, there are days I wish a wizard would turn up at my door, invite himself for tea, and invite me to go adventuring. Of course, our suburban lawns and urban landscapes rarely lend themselves to such fanciful walks, but the mind is a wondrous vessel for taking leaps into story.

I’m not unproductive. I just sent my latest mystery to my editor, and my To-Write list is long and ambitious. I have titles and plots and opening lines, a […]

August 31st, 2022|Essays|

Digging Myself Up


No way to sugarcoat this truth, for me personally, it’s been a shitty summer. Three rounds of antibiotics for various unusual infections followed by a Mohs procedure ( for skin cancer that ended up costing me most of my left nostril and resulted in complicated facial reconstruction, which is not over yet. If my last name were Scrooge, I’d scream Bah, humbug! The combination of these events entombed me in a very dark hole. I’ve been digging myself up ever since.

For a flaming romantic optimist, depression is like a gut punch, unexpected and breathtaking in a literal sense. I went into the surgery expecting a small skin graft and came out with a bandage […]

July 31st, 2022|contemplative, Essays, inspirational, motivational, philosophical|

July Blog: Sometimes I Just Want To Run Away…


What’s that old line about “the world being too much with us”? Sometimes the obstacles laid along the road create a wall too high to scale. Sometimes they force us to confront truths we would rather avoid. If you’re a little like me, maybe they cause you to contemplate, if only for a moment, running away, and summer provides the opportune moment to try a faux escape. After all, it’s July, summer’s highpoint in the northern hemisphere. In this month of heat, humidity, and firework fever, we do well to think about leaving it all behind. We’re not running away so much as running toward a better place.


What can be more satisfying than strolling white sand beaches, cooling your toes […]

June 30th, 2022|Essays|

It’s June…and Romance Is In The Air!


The absolute BEST prize for a writing contest is publication, and Central Ohio Fiction Writers have that.

Sharpen your ideas, flex your fingers, and start writing! And pass the word to all your writing friends!


May 31st, 2022|Essays|
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