Carrion novel cover


A Byrd & Crowe Mystery

A young woman with a questionable past…

A family struggling to find common ground…

A murder victim with no known enemies…

Determined to overcome the dark secrets she helped reveal three years ago when she rescued a baby from a locked car and ran away, Xandra Byrd is now a student in criminology at the local community college and an accepted part of her biological family. Still, she struggles to escape the demons of her dysfunctional childhood. But when the woman who helped put her family back together is murdered, and she and her brother implicated in the crime, Xandra must return to the dark side of human nature in search of a killer. Will she solve the mystery and clear her name, or will she become the next victim?

This sequel to The Dark Side of the Rainbow is a haunting exploration of the long-term effects of trauma and a sizzling murder mystery with page-turning suspense.

Reviewed in the United States on January 27, 2023

5.0 out of 5 stars A thoroughly enjoyable “who dunit” with an unexpected twist at the end 

“Nineteen-year-old Xandra sure has a way of stumbling into bloody situations!

The mystery has a “Knives Out” feel to it. Just when you think the author is pointing us in the direction of one definitive suspect, another one emerges with new potential motives. The twist at the end is satisfying, although I was wanting something far darker. A seemingly innocent perp who was so off my radar that I failed to suspect him or her in any way until the end.

This book was well-written, with beautiful descriptions of nature. The atmospheric backdrop of vultures preying on rotten meat mirrors the murder that is being investigated. Indeed, some human beings are predatory vultures while others are birds of a more peaceful and inquisitive nature. Funny, how we flock together.”