October 2021 Author of the Month: SHULY XÓCHITL CAWOOD

Dayton, Ohio, and its environs host a large, diverse, talented pool of writers. The small town of Yellow Springs has given birth to many of those talents, the comedian and philanthropist Dave Chappelle, for one. This month I want to introduce you to another of the Springs' delightful creatives, author Shuly Xóchitl Cawood, whose beautiful and insightful work includes poetry, essays, and short stories. She is also a gifted teacher who shares her expertise with others through workshops and conferences as she mentors aspiring writers [...]

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September Author of the Month: KEN SCHNECK

For a teacher like me, September has always meant beginnings...the opportunity to meet a bright new crop of young minds and watch them grow. For this journalist, the month also allows me to introduce you, dear reader, to an author and comedian I met virtually during this past year of Zooming. I was so impressed by his presentation and his personality that I invited Ken Schneck to be a guest...and he agreed! Ken wears many hats. He is a tenured professor of education at Baldwin [...]

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August Author of the Month: JEFFREY MARKS

The dog days of August are here, dear reader, and so is our wonderful August author, Jeffrey Marks, who identifies himself on his website as an author, publisher, husband, and doggie daddy.  Retired from teaching in 2020, Marks is the author of two series, both mystery novels. One features a department store cosmetics department, and the first book in that series was awarded the very first Malice Domestic Grant. The other series comes from his short story work and features US Grant as the historical [...]

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July 2021 Author of the Month: JOE OESTREICH

Okay, readers, I have a real treat for you this month...my first ever musician-author, the personable, talented Joe Oestreich. I met Joe at the now-defunct Antioch Writers Workshop and came away very impressed with his ability to make a large audience feel comfortable and eager to share their thoughts and writings. Joe is the author of four books of creative nonfiction: WAITING TO DERAIL (co-written with Thomas O’Keefe, 2018), PARTISANS (2017), LINES OF SCRIMMAGE (co-written with Scott Pleasant, 2015) and HITLESS WONDER (2012). His work [...]

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June 2021 Author of the Month: ELLEN BIRKETT MORRIS

Connecting to other authors during my extended homestay has been both challenging and rewarding, especially since my introverted personality enjoys closing off the noise of the world and living the stories in my head. Last year, however, I had the good fortune to review fiction by Ellen Birkett Morris and found a new colleague and friend. This month I'd like to introduce her to you. Ellen is the author of Lost Girls, a collection of short stories called "a varied set of tales from a [...]

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May 2021 Author of the Month: ELAINE MUNSCH

In a normal year, we'd be fixing mint juleps and talking about the possibility of a Triple Crown winner. I can't predict what this year's Derby will look like, but I think this month is a perfect time to introduce you to my friend and fellow mystery writer Elaine Munsch and her stories about bourbon and murder! Not only do you get to enjoy solving crimes, but you also get a primer on Kentucky bourbon. Now, if only we could arrange a taste test! Relax [...]

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April 2021 Author of the Month: MATTHEW GOODMAN

If the past year has taught us anything, it has highlighted the importance of connections. One of my favorite Facebook posters is the amazing author featured this month in the interview. Matthew is a New York Times-bestselling author of four books of nonfiction: The City Game: Triumph, Scandal, and a Legendary Basketball Team; Eighty Days: Nellie Bly and Elizabeth Bisland’s History-Making Race Around the World; The Sun and the Moon: Hoaxers, Showmen, Dueling Journalists, and Lunar Man-Bats in Nineteenth-Century New York; and Jewish Food: The [...]

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March 2021 Author of the Month: CHRISTINA CONSOLINO

March, the month of new beginnings as spring ushers in thoughts of rebirth and growth. What a perfect time to introduce you to Christina Consolino, Freelance Editor/Writer and Senior Editor at the online journal Literary Mama, and her debut novel REWRITE THE STARS, which will be out this month. Christina has a science background and a writer's soul. She honored me with a beta read of this terrific story. Now I can share it and her with all of you! Janet Irvin: To get started, [...]

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February 2021 Author of the Month: CHRIS TEBBETTS

The loss of in-person writing conferences has curtailed my ability to connect with new authors. However, past conferences have provided a wealth of talented writers who inspire and motivate my writing, none more so than Chris Tebbetts, whom I met at the now sadly-out-of-operation Antioch Writers Workshop. Chris hails from the town of Yellow Springs, Ohio, but he has traveled extensively, worked in theater, and written such an impressive number of superb middle-grade books that I can't wait to introduce you to him. Janet Irvin: [...]

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January 2021: Paulette Harper

It's a new day in a new year and we are so ready to be uplifted and inspired. That's why I'm so excited to introduce you to Paulette Harper. Paulette reached out to me just when I was searching for an inspirational writer to give us that burst of energy and creativity we can use after such a difficult old year. I haven't met Paulette in person...yet...but after visiting her beautiful website, I asked her to tell me a bit about herself. She is "the [...]

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