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2019 November Author of the Month: JEANNE OATES ESTRIDGE

November is that month when we turn to the holidays, grateful for the good things in our lives and seeking opportunities to share that goodness with others. This day transcends race, color, religion, politics, and binds us together in thankfulness for the blessings we've been given. Speaking of the spiritual, this month's author offers a tantalizing twist on the paranormal romance genre. Instead of werewolves or vampires, Jeanne Oates Estridge offers us demons. I must admit I was fascinated by this unusual approach to what [...]

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2019 October Author of the Month: JOHN KACHUBA

October is the orangest month! All those pumpkins and colorful leaves and, of course, the search for costumes in anticipation of Halloween. Who better to fill our author of the month slot than the 'spooky' John Kachuba, whose books about the eerie and the supernatural here in Ohio and beyond have garnered acclaim and a loyal audience. It is my distinct pleasure to share our conversation below. Janet Irvin: Welcome, John. It's great to have a chance to chat with you about your writing. How [...]

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2019 September Author of the Month: NATE WILSON

I love meeting authors, and every once in a while, I encounter one who has overcome obstacles that might destroy many of us. Nate Wilson is one of those young writers who inspires and astounds. His debut novel,  ZERO TO HERO, is an uncompromising look at the addictions that threatened to destroy him. That he has emerged and gone on to serve as a role model for others is a joyful thing. Please welcome Nate as my featured author of the month for September.                                  [...]

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2019 August Author of the Month: TJ Turner

I am so very pleased to introduce you to the August Author of the Month T.J. Turner, the author of  the Lincoln's Bodyguard series of novels. Todd has served our country as a member of the U.S. Air Force. He has been active in the Dayton-area writing community as well, serving as president of the Antioch Writers Workshop. Welcome, TJ, to our August dialogue! Janet Irvin: It is always interesting to learn of a writer's journey to publication. What first inspired you to write? TJ [...]

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2019 July Author of the Month: LESLIE BUDEWITZ

Last month was a bit of a surprise -- lower than average temperatures and rain, rain, and more rain. Still, the wildflowers have grown tall and the potatoes are doing well. And, as all things do, the days pass swiftly. Now it's time for fireworks and picnic celebrations, and  another amazing authort. Allow me to introduce you to our celebrated and award-winning author for July -- Leslie Budewitz. Janet Irvin: Welcome, Leslie. You have become a real force in our writing community. Your novel series [...]

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2019 June Author of the Month: JILL COUPE

June rolls in after thunderstorms and tornadoes roil the area where I live...maybe where you live, too. This month I'm so pleased to welcome a fellow writer whom I met a number of years ago at the Taos Writers Conference, when we were both working to get published. Now, Jill has her first novel -- true stories at the smoky view -- published and continues to pursue this obsession we share! Welcome, Jill. Janet Irvin: Please share with readers a little of your writing journey. [...]

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2019 May Author of the Month: DONNA MACMEANS

Ah, the merry month of May! Such sweet beauty invites romance and who better to talk to us about the subject than Donna MacMeans, who tales of love and seduction are just the right kind of sexy for summer reads on the porch or winter late-nights in a cozy chair by the fire. For those of you who are writers, Donna offers much good advice as she shares her writing story and the process she uses. Buckle your corsets, ladies and gents. Ms. MacMean's has [...]

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2019 April Author of the Month: IAN McALLISTER

April comes round again, filling our eyes with green promises and our hearts with that sweet smell of new birth. This month I travel across the pond to introduce you to Ian McAllister, whose science fiction novel To Visit Earth challenged my brain and kept me on the edge of my seat. As you can tell from the photos Ian shared, he's a bit of an adventurer, and so are the characters in his novel. McAllister also wrote a fascinating account of his grandmother's swimming [...]

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2019 March Author of the Month: KATHARINE GRUBB

Welcome March, the lion and the lamb! I'm pleased to host as this month's author Katharine Grubb, whom I met at the first-ever 10Minute Novelist Conference in Cincinnati in 2018. Here's a look at Katherine in her own words: "Katharine homeschools the youngest two of her five nearly grown children. She’s also a novelist, a baker of bread, voracious reader, comedian wannabe, and the author of Write A Novel In Ten Minutes A Day. Besides pursuing her own fiction and nonfiction writing dreams, she leads [...]

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2019 February Author of the Month: ANNE K. HOWARD

One of the great pleasure of my writing life is meeting other authors, especially those who write in my favorite genres. I have been a fan of true crime for a very long time, so I was thrilled to make the acquaintance of February's author of the month Anne K. Howard. Her debut work -- His Garden: Conversations With a Serial Killer -- is riveting. Her interview is delightful and revelatory about the process of compiling this type of work, and her research is impeccable. [...]

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