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Don’t Stop Believing

As I write this note, the two-inch snowfall melts outside the window, and the weatherman predicts temps in the twenties tonight. I have covered all my tender peas, lettuce, and spinach, but my heart quails at the prospect of losing blossoms on the tulip pear or on the pansies in the window box. Still, beneath the coverlet of white, spring trembles, preparing to begin again the rites of renewal and growth. And then that song plays in my head…”Don’t stop believin…”

I step away for a few days, and the world changes again. Near-80-degree temperatures yesterday and today make all the spring phlox pop. The clematis climbs the trellis and shoots forth pods that will become pink starflowers soon. Peonies spring […]

May 1st, 2021|Essays, Uncategorized|

Between You And Me: How to Dialogue Effectively

How are you? That much-maligned conversational opening has evaporated this past year, along with all the pleasantries that human interaction used to bring. I may not be typical, but the most contact I’ve had with others revolves solely around the virtual arena of Zoom and like platforms. I’ve missed the give and take of personal interaction during the past year of isolation. Face to face in the real world allows me to interpret facial reactions, gestures, body posture, tone, wording. An emoji is not fluid or personal. A computer screen is limited in who is seen and how they are truly reacting. The loss of that uniquely human sharing leads me, inevitably, to consider the importance of dialogue in my […]

March 31st, 2021|Essays|

Riffing On February

Oh, February, guardian of the gate between ice and thaw,

you scamper in with promises and leave before your time.

February may be the shortest month, but it carries weight. It is a time to celebrate love and presidents, hearts and history. Red is the color of the hour. Campaigns are waged for women’s cardiac health, a reminder that women’s heart problems have not always been treated with the same concern as men’s. Often, our complaints were dismissed, our insistence that something was wrong ignored. Finally, this month, there is overt recognition of the need for awareness and a different approach to women’s health issues.

February is also the month to celebrate Presidents, to recall the honorable service of […]

January 31st, 2021|Essays, Featured, motivational|

While the fields are fallow…

January arrives with a dusting of snow, along with seed catalogs and clothing brochures featuring bikinis I no longer wear and island gear that mocks the winter creep of wind and cold. The former makes my mouth water for the produce so bountifully photographed on page after page, while the latter creates an unreasonable desire to pack a backpack and head on down to the Keys.

Since my first trip to Florida’s string of low-lying islands for a writers’ conference, I have itched to return. Seduced by the laid-back lifestyle, the open-air bars serving tropical drinks, the music that overlays the crowing of the wandering roosters, I harbor a secret yen to join those who have forsaken Fifth Avenue for Margaritaville. […]

December 31st, 2020|Essays, inspirational, motivational, philosophical|

In This Giving Season…

It’s snowing, and the child in me dances for joy. Being a December birthday girl, my earliest memories remain infused with the delight and wonder of snowfall, the way it covers all the imperfections we humans have created on the earth, the way it prepares us to believe in miracles. I realize this love of cold and snow is one of my eccentricities, but I refuse to surrender it.

During my teaching career, this wintry month always created a special spirit in the classroom. Students treated each other with more cheer and less snark. Teachers anticipated the coming break, yet found the strength to reach out and help those struggling with home or school issues. The concept of peace seemed within […]

November 30th, 2020|Essays, motivational, seasonal, Upcoming book|

A Thanksgiving List of Blessings

I admit to trepidation in trying to form a list of things to be thankful for during this strange, maddening, sad, unprecedented (how often have we heard that word over the last four years?) time. So, I’ll start with the things that have enriched these past nine months of house hiding: wine, both white and red; ice cream; movies on streaming services; virtual streaming of the arts; posts from friends on social media; a husband who likes to cook fancy; the nature park and pond that graces our backyard view. That’s a pretty impressive group of blessings to balance against the losses — of my mother to complications of COVID, book fairs and signings, conferences, lunches with friends, serving as […]

November 24th, 2020|Essays|
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