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An October Like No Other

When I was a kid, the best thing about October was the run-up to Halloween. The expectation of a bagful of treats overrode any other considerations. Those with birthdays that month had their happiness doubled by the promise of presents and candy. The weeks leading up to All Hallows’ Eve echo with the memory of prior years, sweet chocolate cheers, and little ones announcing their costume choices, mostly homemade or cobbled together from whatever clothing Mom could spare. This year, 2020, feels so much different. Amid debate over whether to trick-or-treat at all amid the ongoing threat of infection from COVID-19, the specter of the presidential election looms.

Seems like all we have to look forward to this year are tricks: […]

September 30th, 2020|Essays, Uncategorized|

A Sporting Chance

I must admit to a certain degree of sadness at the loss of college football this year. Oh, I know several conferences have decided to forge ahead with abbreviated schedules, and others are involved in lawsuits asking for the universities to re-consider, but the virus, I believe, has other plans for all of us. Has it been difficult to acknowledge that an unseen microbe can derail the world? No question about it. However, in light of all the great changes, fall sports would seem to be of lesser importance. Yet, football, soccer, cross country, tennis, all sports have always been markers of the season, a joyful celebration of strength, ability, and talent, a way for fans and fanatics to champion […]

August 31st, 2020|Essays|

Let’s Dance!

The summer grows hotter. The world roils with the pandemic. I stretch the limits of my housebound sanctuary and, when the mood strikes, I dance.

Visiting our grandchildren last weekend, I was struck by the eagerness of my five-year-old grandson to hold a dance party. Cooped inside due to heat and COVID, regular outdoor activities have been curtailed. I understand the need to move, to shake our legs and shake off the anxiety that rides us like a shawl these days. He found his father’s phone and searched for the music icon. Soon we were covering the carpet with our moves. He extended his field to the couch cushions, the delight of childhood lighting his face and inspiring his steps. Even […]

August 1st, 2020|Essays, inspirational, motivational, philosophical, Uncategorized|

A Musing On Truth and Lies

Can you remember the first lie you ever told? I can’t. What I do remember is the flush accompanying the misrepresentation, the internal conflict when the admonitions of parents and priests collided with the need to shift blame, to deny guilt. Even the slightest misdirection resulted in an agony of self-reproach. I was never a good liar. I do not have a poker face. So, in the frenzy of outright lies and daily distortions that have accompanied our current crises — coronavirus, anti-violence protests, Black Lives Matter — I find my falsehood meter in daily overdrive.

As children, we believe, early on, that life is painted in black and white. On one hand, there is the Truth. On the other, Lies. […]

June 30th, 2020|Essays|

A World Turned Upside Down

Note:  I drafted the following essay before our country erupted in chaos in protest of the police brutality and murder of George Floyd. I felt a need to add an uplifting look at the pandemic-infused world. Now, our nation is even more in need of healing. Next month, I may address this canker at the heart of our society, but for now, I offer you a breather in the midst of uncertainty. Thank you for being there…on the other side of my words. You are always in my heart.


I have always loved pineapple upside-down cake. When the children were small, they napped while I layered the slices onto the brown sugar and butter lining the cake pan, added cherries inside […]

May 31st, 2020|contemplative, emotive, Essays|

How To Survive and Thrive With Uncertainty

If there’s one thing we all know, here in May of 2020, it is that the future is more uncertain than ever. A funny little virus with spikes on its belly has infected the world, overwhelmed our hospitals, and thumbed its nose at our efforts to send it away. Life as we know it has changed. We sequester in place, using time in untimely ways. The rush to sports practices and music lessons, to grocery stores and fast-food restaurants has boiled away. We stare from behind masks, peek through windows as nature turns toward spring, and wonder what comes next. I don’t pretend to have an answer to the now-existential question of our time, but I know how to ask […]

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