Fall is definitely in the air around our neighborhood and so is the excitement surrounding this month’s author, Carlos K. Marshall, whose debut achievement – God’s Mighty Men The Christian Man’s Guide to Love, Leadership and Life, is  aimed at providing young Black men in our society with the support and foundation they need to achieve success in their personal and working lives.


Janet Irvin: Welcome, Carlos. Let’s start with getting to know you better.  Can you share with us some of your early life journey, struggles, and triumphs?

Carlos K. Marshall: Well, I grew up in a really small town with sometimes limited resources. Despite this, I had a great childhood. I was always well provided for. I always received lots of love, and I did well academically. In high school, I was a three-sport athlete: football, baseball, and track.  Doing well academically and in sports earned me a football scholarship.

JEI: What inspired you to write God’s Mighty Men: A Christian Man’s Guide To Love, Leadership, and Life?

CKM: My book started off as my private journal. I would write down my thoughts and feelings to God and he would speak to me. God would answer the questions that I wrote in my journal. What God spoke to me helped me, so God led me to share it with other men and the world.

JEI: What was your process in writing the book?

CKM: Once God led me to share my journal with other men, I began researching the publishing process. I had a consultation with a publisher, but I did not enter into a contract with her right away. I did not feel like I was ready. But God would not let me rest. He eliminated every one of my excuses. About a year and a half after the first consultation, I spoke to the publisher again. This time I entered into a contract with her and the process began.

JEI: How did you find your publisher?

CKM: My publisher is the sister of one of my previous members of the church that I pastor.

JEI: What was the most challenging part of the writing experience? The most rewarding?

CKM: The most challenging part of the process was the editing process. The most rewarding part of the process is when I began to see my book come together. Also, when I received the first copy of my book.

JEI: I can attest to that. Holding the book for the first time in print form is definitely a highlight of the writing process. Do you have plans to write a follow-up to your book?

CKM: Yes.

JEI: As a teacher for forty-two years, I witnessed first-hand the challenge to young Black men in our society. What steps can we all take to support and nurture them?

CKM: The first step that we can take is to look at each Black man as an individual and not lump us all together. Stereotyping is very damaging. Next, it’s important to listen to us and not what society says about us. Other ways to support our young men are these:

Forgive us when we mess up.

Do not be afraid to push us to greatness.

Do not be afraid of us.

Accept us for who we are.

Love us.

JEI: What does your schedule look like for the remainder of 2022? Do you have speaking engagements? book talks? other events?

CKM: As of now, I do not have any other events scheduled for the remainder of 2022.

JEI: Who are your mentors? your support groups?

CKM: My Spiritual mentor is Bishop Gary Hawkins Sr. My support groups include my family, my congregation, and my fellow pastors of Voices of Faith Ministries.

JEI: Now, just for fun…what is your favorite food to cook and to eat?

CKM: My favorite food to cook and eat is grilled chicken. I am good at it if do say so myself.

JEI: Care to share your favorite Bible passage or story?

CKM: My favorite is Jeremiah 29:11, which says – For I know the plans that I have for you declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

You can connect with Pastor Marshall at https://www.facebook.com/pastorcarlosmarshall/