No one is happier than me to see 2022 disappear in the rearview mirror. I’m hoping that the new year brings more opportunities to share my writing, to create new stories, to see new places, and to welcome new friends into my life. To accomplish these goals, I first need to cleanse my workspace — exterior and interior – of the accumulated baggage from the past twelve months. Therefore, I’m making a list…

1. Redo all sites and passwords*

2. Clean out all file folders in the cabinet

3. Update the calendar in a timely fashion when new activities are scheduled

4. Respond to as many online and mail notes as possible

5. Assist with the new Historical Society venture Reading Between the Wines…you’re gonna love it!

6. Submit at least one story, poem, or essay a week

7. Spread kindness whenever possible…this includes speaking to online reps about problems like lost payments or returns…everyone appreciates a nice voice and a cheerful comment.

8. Be the best wife, mother, friend, and writer I can be

9. Read widely and well

10. Appreciate every moment as though it were the last one…which it might be! LOL

Happy New Year, Everyone!