Among the authors I met last year at Gallery2: Ten in Sydney, Ohio, is this month's featured writer - Lee Barber. Dedicated to happy endings and anti-oppression living, Barber describes herself as a "late-bloomer" in the writing world. Please enjoy getting to know this Ohio author with a gift for words and a great deal of perseverance!     Janet Irvin: Welcome, Lee, to my author's nook. How did you start writing and why? Lee Barber: The turning point in my writing life began when [...]

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An October Like No Other

When I was a kid, the best thing about October was the run-up to Halloween. The expectation of a bagful of treats overrode any other considerations. Those with birthdays that month had their happiness doubled by the promise of presents and candy. The weeks leading up to All Hallows' Eve echo with the memory of prior years, sweet chocolate cheers, and little ones announcing their costume choices, mostly homemade or cobbled together from whatever clothing Mom could spare. This year, 2020, feels so much different. [...]

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Channeling Grammy

The metal has darkened with the baking. Although I can't be certain of its exact age, the cookie sheet was a staple of my grandmother's kitchen long before I was born. Perhaps a hundred years of bread and buns and holiday kolachi have burnished the metal, colored the bright aluminum with a patina of brown and gold, impressed it with the goodness of homemade food. Although I have scrubbed it well since it came to me, the stains remain, ciphers of past kitchens and shared recipes. I [...]

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