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Poem Published

I am pleased to announce that another of my poems - Almanac Entry #218 - appears in MOCK TURTLE ZINE Issue #18. I was pleased to be interviewed by Christina Consolino for her blog. The interview can be found at My mystery/thrillers are available from, as well as from and barnes&   For more information on both novels, check out my Facebook page:

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Channeling Grammy

The metal has darkened with the baking. Although I can't be certain of its exact age, the cookie sheet was a staple of my grandmother's kitchen long before I was born. Perhaps a hundred years of bread and buns and holiday kolachi have burnished the metal, colored the bright aluminum with a patina of brown and gold, impressed it with the goodness of homemade food. Although I have scrubbed it well since it came to me, the stains remain, ciphers of past kitchens and shared recipes. I [...]

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