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“April in Paris”…to be continued…

What seemed like a far-away dream in Januray of 2016 is close to reality. In two days I will board a plane and head to the City of Lights, journey up the Seine and stand on the beaches where men like my father and father-in-law mounted one of the greatest offensives in history. I intend to cry, to honor the fallen with my tears and my thanks. Along the way, I will gather details like flowers, press them between the pages of my journal and, [...]

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2017 April Author of the Month: April Wilson

Welcome to the Author of the Month for April, appropriately enough, Dayton, Ohio's own April Wilson. If you're looking for a steamy romantic read, her novels meet the expectations! Warning: X-rated content!   What  drew you to writing? I fell in love with books when I was a young child. I loved going to the library to look at books, even before I could read. When I was about ten years old, I decided that being an author had to be the best job in [...]

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