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2017 May Author of the Month: Ryan Ireland

Please join me in welcoming May's Author of the Month, novelist Ryan Ireland. His westerns are original, inventive and filled with mystery. What  drew you to writing? I wasn’t good at much else and I realized early on I had a knack for putting words together, so I decided I should write.   What authors have influenced you? I guess it changes over time. I read mostly poetry and certain works just stick with me—Langston Hughes, Gertrude Stein, Allen Ginsburg. Lately I’ve been reading a [...]

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April in Paris…continued

The trip to Paris and Normandy turned out to be more than we so many ways. I suffer from history overload and the urge to sip Calvados by the harbor in Honfleurs. Along the way, I kept a journal, but all I had time to record were the events themselves. My reaction to each day's journeyings, such a complex set of emotion, rumination and evaluation, remain buried, ready for exhumation at a later date. First, the weather. It was cool but sunny most days. [...]

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