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2017 September Author of the Month: Eva Pasco

Harvest season thunders toward us, and what could be more delightful than reading, writing and dreaming about food. September's author -Eva Pasco - brings us a novel connected to all things edible...but let her tell you about her writing journey: "A Jill-of-all-Trades in the progression of life—a factory fatale gluing eyes on pairs of lion slippers at Capitol Heel Lining, collating booklets at Sidney-Higgins Bookbinding, getting downright dirty at H & H Screw Products, and teaching in the third-grade classroom trenches—Eva Pasco turned a corner [...]

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Honing the Harvest…

Listen. Do you hear that? The rustling of autumn grasses, the chirring of locust wings, the goodbye calls of flocking birds as the earth turns to bounty and binds itself to a new season. I have spent the summer planting, tending, filling the freezer with vegetable goodies, preparing for the months when the soil slumbers. As I put my garden to bed, the fertile blank spaces of my writing await a different kind of harvest...words, phrases, plots, themes and, above all, hope. This month I [...]