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October…a prose poem in three stanzas

If April is 'the cruelest month,' October is the most seductive. I am thrice the whisper and crunch of fallen leaves, the distant call of migrating geese, the yawning fields and garden beds settling into slumber. October crooks a finger and I lean into the wind, eager to grow hobbit feet and slip off among the trees, to follow streams and trails, to sleuth the beauty hiding beyond the next turn. The seasonal sights of orange lanterns strung beneath black spiderwebs, the excited squeals [...]

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2017 October Author of the Month: Rebecca Morean

This month's featured author - Rebecca Morean - is one of my personal heroes. Writing under several names and in various genres, she produces a prodigious amount of outstanding work. No matter your preferred type of reading, Becky is sure to offer a sumptuous tale. A busy professor, mother and board member of the Antioch Writers Workshop, Becky shares insights from her writing life with us this month.   What  drew you to writing? I have always written. I wrote my autobiography when I was [...]

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