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July 2018 Author of the Month: C. L. PAUWELS

I love featuring authors on my web site, especially when they are known to me and I have been honored to be a reader for early versions of their work. This month my friend and fellow mystery writer C. L. Pauwels joins us for the featured interview. C.L. (Cyndi) Pauwels holds an MA in creative writing from Antioch University McGregor in Yellow Springs, Ohio. Her debut novel Forty & Out (Deadly Writes Publishing, 2014) and the second in the series, the 2017 Burned Bridges (Crossroad [...]

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Family Matters…

When we set off in early June on our Mediterranean adventure, I had plans to write about the sailing ship, the ports of call, the new experiences. But when we returned, I found myself once more embroiled in elder care issues. My mother, still the life of the party wherever she goes, has slipped deeper into the hallucinatory dementia that has made inroads in her always-fertile imagination. One day back from the trip, I got back on the road and made the drive to Pennsylvania [...]

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