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Old Paths, New Boots

I'm a walker. Every morning I lace up my boots, pull on my bug shirt, and head out along the paths behind my house. If I'm not at home, I search for the closest trail or forge a new one. Over the years I have hiked the mountains of British Columbia and the forests of Algonquin Provincial Park, the sandy belly of Bulls Island in South Carolina, the remote backcountry of Denali in Alaska. Most of these trails are rugged, but sometimes a paved path [...]

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August 2018 Author of the Month: KRISTINA McBRIDE

Oh, my, here we are in August as I welcome one of my dear friends, Kristi McBride, to the spotlight. Who knew, when we began teaching together all those years ago, that she would follow her dream and become a successful YA author? Pick up one of her haunting novels and enjoy the read!   Kristina McBride has published four novels for young adults - THE TENSION OF OPPOSITES (2010), ONE MOMENT (2012), A MILLION TIMES GOODNIGHT (2016), and THE BAKERSVILLE DOZEN (2017). Kristina is [...]

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A Post-July 4th OpEd

Now that the firecracker sky has paled to morning mist, I take a deep breath to process why I felt so sad yesterday. The answer requires little rumination. As a nation, over the course of the last eighteen months, we have become less than we could be, and I am heartbroken. The battles we fought as women, as people of color, as union workers, as environmentalists, as patriots, must now be waged all over again. This is not a partisan rant. This is a deep-seated [...]

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