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Sailing the horizon…a cautionary tale

The ship unfurls seven sails. Music from the TV series "Victoria" plays over the deck. In the distance, the silhouette of Italy jumps up and down like one of those graphs for  height changes in the Tour de France. The houses shelter on the edge of cliffs, tile-roofed and shimmering like the watercolors in a Frederick Kubitz painting. Except Kubitz chose to depict the coast of Maine and these grace the Tuscan coastline. I'm in love with the past that settles across my vision like [...]

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October 2018 Author of the Month: MATT BIRDSALL

The Dayton area is blessed with an abundance of exceptional poets. I am pleased to know many of them as colleagues and friends. This month I'd like to introduce you to poet and outstanding literary citizen Matthew Birdsall... in his own words. "Matt Birdsall has been a little corny his whole life. He blames Ohio. In fact, his first word was “combine.” Almost a year old, driving with his mom and dad in an old, green Chevy Chevette, he looked into a cornfield, saw a [...]

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