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Swimming Upstream

This is the time of year for it...the time when salmon, who spend their early lives in rivers before heading out to sea, return to those same rivers to spawn. Fueled by their ocean feedings, they are fortified for the arduous journey back to their birthplace to begin the cycle all over again. Driven by instinct, clear on where they belong, the fish fight currents, leap obstacles, evade bear claws and anglers as they stretch toward the goal. The marathon touches anyone lucky enough to [...]

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2018 November Author of the Month: STEPHEN MACK JONES

I feel incredibly lucky to have snagged Stephen Mack Jones for my November author of the month. A year ago at the Toronto Bouchercon, I sat next to Steve and his wife at the librarian's tea and discovered an intriguing personality and a new series to enjoy. Please say hello to our current author of the month! And enjoy this fantastic interview... Stephen Mack Jones is the author of the critically acclaimed Detroit-based thriller novel AUGUST SNOW, published by Soho Press. Mr. Jones, an accomplished [...]

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