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2018 December Author of the Month: JESS MONTGOMERY

Oh, Happy December! In addition to being my birth month, December claims the most holidays of any month when you count all the special days celebrated around the world, and gives us reason to congregate with friends and family. To that end, I bring you December's Author of the Month, Jess Montgomery, a dear friend, a fabulous writer, and a superior pie baker! Her debut novel THE WIDOWS comes out in January of 2019. Janet Irvin: Welcome, Jess, to my authors' group.  Tell us a [...]

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An Unsilent Knight

The first snowfall of the season settles over the ground in the late November twilight. I stand at the window, dancing with the snowflakes and thinking about my mother, all those years ago pregnant with me, her due date passing as she, too, gazed out the window, wondering where my father was, if he still lived. World War II had ended, but danger continued to stalk the globe. Around her family's store/home, winter promised to call, as it does today, and I, restless, waited until [...]

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