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2019 February Author of the Month: ANNE K. HOWARD

One of the great pleasure of my writing life is meeting other authors, especially those who write in my favorite genres. I have been a fan of true crime for a very long time, so I was thrilled to make the acquaintance of February's author of the month Anne K. Howard. Her debut work -- His Garden: Conversations With a Serial Killer -- is riveting. Her interview is delightful and revelatory about the process of compiling this type of work, and her research is impeccable. [...]

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Of Bloody Moons and Purpose

During the Blood Wolf Moon in January, close observers witnessed a bright flare on the lower right quadrant. Astronomers hypothesize a small piece of a comet or an asteroid hit the surface. This one bright and blazing strike captured the imagination of earth-bound viewers. Still, the brief encounter probably won't leave a mark visible to the naked eye. Who can say what the lasting impact will be? Contemplating the brevity of moonstrikes,  I thought about how ideas appear as if out of nowhere, strike our [...]

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