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Lion Or Lamb?

Folk adages suggest that March, that sly, greening mix of Ides and shamrocks, comes in like a lion. Roaring with wind and bluster, the days extend tendrils of promise as spring tints the undergrowth, then settles like a lamb just in time for April to glide in on soggy shoes. Hmmm...reality doesn't always conform to this old saw, but we find comfort in the thought. Weary of wintry blasts, our hearts skip a little thinking about less restless days and milder temperatures. Of course, this [...]

2019 March Author of the Month: KATHARINE GRUBB

Welcome March, the lion and the lamb! I'm pleased to host as this month's author Katharine Grubb, whom I met at the first-ever 10Minute Novelist Conference in Cincinnati in 2018. Here's a look at Katherine in her own words: "Katharine homeschools the youngest two of her five nearly grown children. She’s also a novelist, a baker of bread, voracious reader, comedian wannabe, and the author of Write A Novel In Ten Minutes A Day. Besides pursuing her own fiction and nonfiction writing dreams, she leads [...]

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