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2019 June Author of the Month: JILL COUPE

June rolls in after thunderstorms and tornadoes roil the area where I live...maybe where you live, too. This month I'm so pleased to welcome a fellow writer whom I met a number of years ago at the Taos Writers Conference, when we were both working to get published. Now, Jill has her first novel -- true stories at the smoky view -- published and continues to pursue this obsession we share! Welcome, Jill. Janet Irvin: Please share with readers a little of your writing journey. [...]

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Wandering the Classical World

I'm back from my trip to Greece, but my heart remains in the space between the blue sky and the blue-on-blue sea, in the waters that birthed Poseidon, the mountains that hosted Zeus. Wherever you dig, the Greeks say, you uncover another glimpse of the ancient world.The soil coughs up ramparts and pottery, imparting truth and mystery in equal measure. I walked the streets of Athens, immersed in the bustle of city life. I sampled the cuisine at a street-side restaurant and contemplated the adventures [...]

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