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2019 September Author of the Month: NATE WILSON

I love meeting authors, and every once in a while, I encounter one who has overcome obstacles that might destroy many of us. Nate Wilson is one of those young writers who inspires and astounds. His debut novel,  ZERO TO HERO, is an uncompromising look at the addictions that threatened to destroy him. That he has emerged and gone on to serve as a role model for others is a joyful thing. Please welcome Nate as my featured author of the month for September.                                  [...]

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The Literary Gardener

The last weeks of summer arrive on a hot wind and a prayer. Birds of unknown origin cluster in the wildflower patch and nestle in the branches of the pine tree. Our newest addition to the backyard scenery -- a tulip tree native to Ohio -- defies a summer planting, the promise of white-orange blossoms in the spring now only a long-distance hope. So much like the chapters springing up on my computer screen, a newly-drafted manuscript that settles now, resting, watered by revisions and [...]

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