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Speaking Emoji

My husband is the king of emojis. Our daughter Dana is the queen. Together they comprise the avant garde of the media generation. Like Superman, each is "faster than a speeding bullet" at typing out responses, "more powerful than a locomotive" at snappy comebacks, and capable of expressing complex emotions in a single text. When they send these witty lines to me, I often puzzle over the symbols. Just recently it occurred to me, a language teacher and a student of all things linguistic, that [...]

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2019 October Author of the Month: JOHN KACHUBA

October is the orangest month! All those pumpkins and colorful leaves and, of course, the search for costumes in anticipation of Halloween. Who better to fill our author of the month slot than the 'spooky' John Kachuba, whose books about the eerie and the supernatural here in Ohio and beyond have garnered acclaim and a loyal audience. It is my distinct pleasure to share our conversation below. Janet Irvin: Welcome, John. It's great to have a chance to chat with you about your writing. How [...]

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There Are No Words…

Walmart, El Paso, Texas. The Oregon District, Dayton, Ohio. Odessa, Texas. Once more we shudder. Carnage and chaos rule. Three more cities join the long list of trauma victims. I huddle in front of the television and cry. There are no words. A week later, my husband and I make our way to downtown Dayton. The faces of the dead look out above  white crosses, their names printed in black. And, there, among the mothers and fathers, the sisters and brothers, the friends and lovers, [...]

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