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Take A Kid To Lunch…

I've spent a great many hours thinking about food over the last three months. Since I bought a treadmill and cut out most carbs, I've dedicated myself to losing weight...just enough to make the pants fit better and the abs return to a tighter look. In the process, I've read articles about hunger in America. Now, statistics can be misleading, interpreted to support one cause or another, or simply misstated, but this one stopped me cold: thirteen MILLION hungry children in the US alone. Thirteen [...]

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2019 November Author of the Month: JEANNE OATES ESTRIDGE

November is that month when we turn to the holidays, grateful for the good things in our lives and seeking opportunities to share that goodness with others. This day transcends race, color, religion, politics, and binds us together in thankfulness for the blessings we've been given. Speaking of the spiritual, this month's author offers a tantalizing twist on the paranormal romance genre. Instead of werewolves or vampires, Jeanne Oates Estridge offers us demons. I must admit I was fascinated by this unusual approach to what [...]

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