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2020 January Author of the Month: TIM SMITH

A brand new year means a brand new look at authors from the area and beyond. This month I welcome a writer who makes it his business to tell romance stories from a male point of view and spice them up with mystery and suspense. Please say hello to Tim Smith, an award-winning, bestselling author and freelance writer. His books range from romantic mystery/thrillers to contemporary erotic romance. When not writing, he can often be found in the Florida Keys, indulging his passion for parasailing [...]

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It happens every year...the rehashing of the months gone by, the anticipation of the ones to come. Many of us make resolutions. Many more just keep rolling down life's path, content to face the challenges as they come. Me...I'm a bit of a charge-ahead optimist, plotting stories and events as though each one will move me farther along on the journey I'm making. So, I don't make resolutions so much as set expectations. The end may justify the means, but it is the means that [...]

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