Hope and Optimism: Of Brides and Pride and Our Cultural Divide

This month, this sunny, shiny, green month of hope and optimism…June always makes me remember all the weddings I’ve attended in this lovely time of year, especially that of my sister, now gone but never forgotten. How young we were, how optimistic, how unfettered by political machinations and AI threats, and age.

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June also brings a relatively new celebration…PRIDE parades and recognition that not all of us are easily labeled, that some are naturally, organically inclined to different pronouns, to different loves. Then who am I to question? What business is it of mine to judge? My Bible says “Love one another.” It does not say “Love only certain others.” The God I know accepts all His creation, without exception. But there is a movement to force upon us one set of beliefs, one standard of measurement. How far afield from the true spirit of  “Love thy neighbor as thyself” have we drifted? How wonderful it would be if we could stop judging and try accepting, stop imposing one set of beliefs over any other. When John Lennon sang “Imagine,” I felt the possibility and I heard the promise of a world where peace was more than a vocabulary word.

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Oh, June…this month of celebrating Father’s Day and Flag Day and Eid al-Adha and Juneteenth. The melting pot bubbles over with the deep conviction that we are better together, united by our shared humanity, that every one of us bleeds red.

So hang your flag for unity not division, sing and dance and celebrate new love and new beginnings. Open your arms to a summer rich with promise and hold on to all it offers. May we find in these weeks a change of heart, a wider reach, that hope and optimism that beckons all to embrace our humanity fully and without reservation.

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