For reasons I’d like to think are beyond my control, I find myself very, very busy this year. Many opportunities to share my writing life with the public have dropped into my creative lap. I consider these messages from the universe, so I tend to respond in the affirmative when they appear. But is busy the way to go?

For me, at this stage of my life and writing career, the answer is YES!

These days a writer faces an uphill climb in publishing. The sheer volume of work available to readers ensures a difficult path. Unless you are established, have a well-known name, or have a built-in platform (an area of expertise that sells itself), you have to do much of the advertising and marketing on your own. For an INFJ-A (on the Meyers-Briggs personality inventory this is defined as anadvocate – introvert with intuitive, feeling, and judging components)), this is a challenge I’d prefer NOT to accept. But there it is…the publicity department for J.E. Irvin Books resides in me. Now, I admit I enjoy creating trailers, covers, and ads, although the technology to do so frustrates as often as it soothes, since my heart lies in creating stories and poems.

I love the time spent working on manuscripts. I begrudge the hours spent on the business of writing and the money required to do all those business things. And when the invoices roll in, I slump in my chair and wonder if I’ve made the right financial decisions. Does the outlay of time, energy, and money equal success? Or does it just mean busy?

Despite the emotional toll leaving the confines of my writing space entails, I do enjoy meeting readers at book fairs and signings. There is a magic in speaking face to face, a delicate dance asking others what they like to read and listening as they share their own stories. I learn and grow from such encounters, especially when I can recommend a book I’ve read that is a perfect fit for someone else’s taste. Still, these extended extrovert times take a toll. In the aftermath of each, I seek silence.

Perhap, like bees, we writers gather the nectar of life and transform it into honeycombs of golden goodness, stored up for future savoring, a banking of sustenance against the coming need. Regardless of the reason, I will be going out from the hive, exploring new avenues of readership, and collecting ideas for new stories, better ones, filled with the busyness of life.