April 1 — the day my brothers and sisters used to tease each other with silly pronouncements, then laugh when someone believed their outrageous claims. Ha! Ha! Gotcha!

It’s not often a blog post comes out on the traditional day of pranks and playing silly tricks on our fellow humans, and this year is no exception. The time and the opportunity just woggled away. But even as a kid, I hesitated to partake in this annual tomfoolery. I worried about the effects of convincing someone that things were the opposite of what they actually were.

Now, as an adult, I often feel like I’m living in an April Fool Joke. Every day brings another wild conspiracy theory or a new lie from a politician or their apprentice.  Dare I even mention the foreign influencers or the AI chaos looming. Some moments I shake my head and imagine the whole mess followed by a gigantic cosmic GOTCHA!

Segue to the race to the White House: As this critical election year unfolds, I beg you to look deeper than the attack ads and false information campaigns, to examine the issues raised and the policies proposed, to look for the Good in contrast to the False. Above all, please make a promise to vote. Spread the word. Remind others of what is truly at stake.

May we all avoid being the victims of a dangerous GOTCHA!