It’s a new day in a new year and we are so ready to be uplifted and inspired. That’s why I’m so excited to introduce you to Paulette Harper. Paulette reached out to me just when I was searching for an inspirational writer to give us that burst of energy and creativity we can use after such a difficult old year. I haven’t met Paulette in person…yet…but after visiting her beautiful website, I asked her to tell me a bit about herself. She is “the story coach expert for ambitious Christian women speakers and entrepreneurs who are ready to write a book.” Her goal for her clients is to help them “create more economic freedom by monetizing their book and building a sustainable and profitable business.” Sounds like good advice for all of us! Besides writing romance novels and a self-help book, she is the founder of the Elevate Your Life Coaching and Elevate Your Story Mastery Program.


Janet Irvin: Welcome, Paulette. I’m so pleased you could join us this month.

Paulette Harper:  Hello, Janet, and thank you for featuring me today.

JI: Paulette, you are a minister, a writer, and a life coach. Which of your vocations came first?

PH: I became a minister before I became a writer and life coach.

JI: How did your childhood influence your career path?

PH: I grew up wanting to be a teacher and after graduating from high school, I pursued a career in accounting. My current career path isn’t something I planned for myself but I truly believe it’s the road God laid out for me to follow.

JI: On your website, you explain your mission as to “help women find hope through transformation, restoration and reclaiming their lives.” What do you see as the first, most essential way for women to do so? 

PH: I partner with women who are broken and looking for solutions! I specialize in helping women shift their perspective on crises, push past barriers, and discover their purpose, so they become the best version of themselves. With that, women must first accept their current condition and be determined to move forward embracing the changes in life but looking forward to the next chapter.

JI: Initially, you wrote inspirational nonfiction. Why did you decide to move to writing fiction?

PH: The decision to move from inspirational nonfiction to writing fiction was a desire to write my own romance story. I love reading inspirational fiction and while I was writing one of my nonfiction books, the nudge to pursue fiction was ignited. It was a transition that earned me the best Inspiration/Religious fiction award for my book Secret Places Revealed. I truly believe God was leading me and winning the award for my first full novel was confirmation. After writing my novel, I’ve written several nonfiction books.

JI: You have so many branches to your creativity – ministering, coaching, writing. What is the best thing about your busy life?

PH: The best thing about my busy/productive life is that I determine the outcome. I can plan my day according to how productive I want it to be. A day when my calendar isn’t filled is a day full of appreciation because I can do anything my heart desires.

JI: There is a lesson for all of us in that statement. 🙂 Is there a most difficult side to a busy life?

PH: I don’t think I have difficult days. However, I’ve had days in which I’ve felt overwhelmed because I’ve overextended myself with tasks and deadlines.

JI: I’m sure all of us can identify with that feeling. Yet you survive and thrive. Of course, all writers face challenges. What were yours? How did you work through them?

PH: As an entrepreneur, my challenges would be not having the necessary help for a growing business. As a writer, those challenges are time management. I’ve learned to outsource some of my tasks and have implemented organizational tools to help with time management.

JI: On your home page at your website, you use a quote from Simon Sinek: “Working hard for something we love is called passion.” How does this translate to your life, especially during this pandemic time?

PH: As a minister and life coach my passion is to help women maneuver through life. The pandemic just amplified the need to be an encourager and help them as much as I could. My life’s journey is to share my faith and bring hope to everyone whose path I cross.

JI: Can you share a bit about any upcoming projects?

PH: Yes. One of my upcoming projects is launching my Elevate Your Story group coaching program. It will be launched in February, and it’s for women who want to write their stories of hope, faith and transformation.

JI: Do you have a favorite Bible quote that inspires your work?

PH: One of my favorite Bible quotes comes from the Psalmist David.

“My heart is inditing a good matter: I speak of the things which I have made touching the king: my tongue is the pen of a ready writer.” Psalm 45:1

JI: For a more personal side to this writing life, who do you read when you want to escape?

PH: On the personal side, when I need to escape, I enjoy reading T.D. Jakes, Joyce Meyer, and, of course, I can find a romance book on my Kindle.

JI: I share that escape! Romance is just the thing to take us away. But speaking of escape, where is your best vacation spot? Why?

PH: My favorite vacation spot is Venice, Italy. I went to Italy a few years ago and it was simply an amazing experience. Traveling to Italy was on my bucket list for years and when the opportunity to go was presented,  I took it. The rich history, it’s beauty and the food were such an enjoyable experience. I can’t wait to go again.

JI: Thank you, Paulette, for starting this brand new year off just right. Readers can find out more about our author at the following:


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