What’s that old line about “the world being too much with us”? Sometimes the obstacles laid along the road create a wall too high to scale. Sometimes they force us to confront truths we would rather avoid. If you’re a little like me, maybe they cause you to contemplate, if only for a moment, running away, and summer provides the opportune moment to try a faux escape. After all, it’s July, summer’s highpoint in the northern hemisphere. In this month of heat, humidity, and firework fever, we do well to think about leaving it all behind. We’re not running away so much as running toward a better place.


What can be more satisfying than strolling white sand beaches, cooling your toes in the foam of the ocean, or stroking in lazy circles in the deep end of a swimming pool? What provides a better high than a Northwoods canoe trip along quiet rivers, low-or no-horsepower lakes, or a stream that branches into the unknown at every turn? Condo or cabin, high-rise or tent, somewhere in this amazing world is a spot calling your name. And while, technically, no one is on the lam,’ we can set aside the horror of war, the fear of disease, the attack on democracy, the pettiness of power, and the greed of the grasping for the lure of a loon’s call, the murmur of a mountain stream, the rush of the ocean’s greeting, and simply be.


Ditch the cell phone. Turn off the tablet. Run away from the staggering pressure of daily life, inhale the pine or salt scents of Mother Earth, burrow deeper into your humanity.

Want a companion on your adventure? I’ll be waiting for your call.